Thursday, June 28, 2007

infinite showers

either it's raining everywhere, or the rain has been following me wherever i go...i've been in the rain since 10:30 am when it started raining at dadar, in mumbai, and it's still raining at 7:30 pm here in aundh, pune. i have travelled about 170km, and it's been literally raining every second.

random thoughts:

i love my windcheater. it actually keeps me warm and (mostly) dry, without me feeling all sweaty inside it. it doesn't have a hood, so i can get my head wet (otherwise it won't feel like i'm in the rain, will it?)

i hate wet socks. especially when im forced to wear them all day after stepping into a puddle in the morning. yuck.

i'm immune to cold. i sit in an air conditioned bus for four hours after being fully drenched, and i still feel the need to point all available air vents at myself. even the ones on the row ahead and behind me.

the view along the lonavla ghats isn't any good. all you see are the clouds below you. now that's not something you get to see very often under normal circumstances, but it's pretty monotonous if you're traveling the same cloud covered route twice a week.

the carpenters were wrong. it's not "rainy days and mondays". it's just mondays. period. rainy days do *NOT* get me down.

song to listen to when drinking hot tea (i'm off coffee for now) and watching the rain patter 2 feet away from me outside the 'tapri' im standing under: "milk and toast and honey" by roxette. such a cosy number. just like my trusty windcheater.

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