Sunday, June 24, 2007

the most surprising error message ever

i just happened to click on a link to the windows live spaces site, and discovered it's currently down. that's fine i guess, sites need to be taken down occasionally for maintenance and stuff, maybe a revamp or to move to another server. whatever. what really surprised me was the error message. here's it, in all it's glory:

Sorry, we are unable to complete your task at this time. The Windows Live Spaces service is experiencing difficulties. Please try your task again later.

that's it. black text on white background, 10 point times new roman. no lines, no nothing. no hint of formatting whatsoever. i checked the source code and was even more surprised. it was just plain text. no hint of html. not even the <html> tag.

someone in the windows live spaces team definitely typed that error message out. i wonder if he/she ever thought about how many users would get to view it. it's been 3 hours now and the message is still there. my guess would be atleast a few hundred thousand.

someone is gonna get fired tomorrow morning. if not, microsoft simply sucks.

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krist0ph3r said...

update: live spaces has fixed its site, but the fixed site isn't xml compliant, or so seamonkey complains.

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