Tuesday, June 12, 2007

cleanliness day

some coincidences are beginning to startle me.

a couple of days ago, i had this day when all the new blog posts i read were really awesome.

today, two out of the three new posts in my reader are about cleanliness. to be more specific, personal hygiene.

now the simplest conclusion to draw would be that one of them was inspired by the other.

i subscribe to barely 17 blogs, over half of which are authored by my friends, so the statistic probability of two blogs coming up with the same topic on the same day is very low - especially since the aforementioned half barely has one post per week per blog, and personal hygiene isn't a hot new topic that was in the news or something.

one of the posts
is by scott adams (yeah, the dilbert author, who turned 50 a few days ago). his readership primarily consists of (i assume) people in their mid twenties and above, who have some kind of corporate experience and hence find dilbert entertaining. (i guess i'm an exception, having been a fan of dilbert for atleast 5-7 years now, which means smack in the middle of my teenage existence. whatever.)

the other post is a teenage irish girl who i share my nickname with - kris. she's still in school, is very expressive and all, her posts are fun to read, but her spellings somehow give the impression that she doesn't love to read too much, and her blog gives the impression that she's right in the thick of teenagerhood (a phase that was pretty watered down in my life...btw). definitely not the corporate humor types.

conclusion: it's not mutual inspiration. then what is it??? i wonder.

anyway...i guess i'm thinking too much. maybe these things happen once in a while, and i just happened to be around when it did. or maybe the universe is made of strings :)

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