Tuesday, January 04, 2022

thank you dad

it's strange, writing this on my blog when i'd rather be speaking to you.

you are no longer in this world.

you will not read the card i left with mom "to be opened on your 76th birthday"

you will not read the card i left with kevin "to be opened on your 40th anniversary"

but i guess you don't need to any more.

you do not need more reminders of how awesome you are.

how strong you are.

how much you mean to us.

how much we cherish your every memory.

how much you loved.

the things you taught me.

the things you let me learn for myself.

the things you took in your stride.

i look around and i see reminders of your beautiful existence everywhere.

i need to remind myself that i am your creation too.

every moment with you enriched me. 

even the moment when you finally taught me that i need to be able to let go of everything i hold dear.

thank you for making me who i am.

for making me able to do everything i have and will do.

your embrace has kept me going even when you did not know what i have been going through.

i feel it now, in this cold room.

your few words have said more than what the world's books could.

i hear them now, in the silence of my thoughts.

your ideals will live on, as long as i live on.

i will carry your spirit with me as long as i live.

our corner of the world has become a better place thanks to you.

thank you dad.


Ashwin D'Souza said...

Kris, Sorry for your loss.. These are very beautiful words and a great tribute to the man your father was! A resourceful man who saw value in repairing, restoring stuff that most would not give a second glance at. I guess you have learned will from him! I am certain these are hard times but I do hope you find the strength within you to cope with this loss. Ashwin

Unknown said...

Sorry for your loss...pls accept my heartfelt condolences to you and your family...

Unknown said...

- Swiddle

Salman said...

Sincere Condolences _/\_ May his soul rest in peace.

Unknown said...

Beautiful words Kris.

ashoksoft said...

Kris, sincere condolences. The eulogy is apt, and even though my meeting with him was brief during your wedding - i echo parts of what you have written.

schubeir said...

May his soul rest in peace!

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