Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I'd like to believe the average human is not spiteful without reason, but I then can't explain why a BEST bus driver would squeeze me and my bike against the divider on a road with plenty of room, if he didn't want to badly injure, or maybe kill me.

I can't even blame it on him not seeing me, as I flashed my headlight repeatedly for atleast 5 seconds before attempting to overtake (bus drivers do have a reputation, after all), and he waited till i was more than halfway past the bus before edging rightwards. when i realized he wasn't going to let up, I honked, a long blast that you'd probably never hear from my bike under normal circumstances. he continued to squeeze, until I had less than an inch between me and the bus, and about the same distance between my wheels and the divider. i'm sure he heard my tires screech too, as I did a hard stop to avoid what looked like a nasty scrape or worse, maybe even involving the bus' rear wheel.

i survived that one, physically unhurt. but i can't say the same for my trust in the general goodness of humanity.

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Pallav said...

Never ever overtake a bus, man. Unless you're 100% sure the fucker is not going to be a bitch in a flash. Bus drivers are bus drivers cuz they're not human.

Glad you escaped...

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