Wednesday, January 22, 2014

road rage

not sure if being on a bike instead of in a car has anything to do with it, but i don't find traffic to be that terrible. it's almost always not as bad as it looks. so road rage surprises me.

like the other day, riding home, I was near this car that was honking incessantly on the highway. the highway was gridlocked and moving at few inches a minute, literally. i started keeping my distance after he tried an aggressive manoeuvre with me, but another car driver didn't seem to share my philosophy.

as this guy honked, the other guy tried to box him in closer and closer. until at one point, there was a scrunch, and the two cars made contact. the honking one was squashed between the other car and the wall of the highway.

the one doing the squashing then proceeded to inch past, dragging the other guy along at like 1 kilometer an hour for a few feet, metal screeching. the guy stopped honking. this guy doing the squashing then veered off and drove away.

i'm sure both vehicles sustained a few thousand bucks worth of damage in the bargain.

just to make one irritating driver stop honking.

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