Thursday, January 02, 2014

farewell, 2013

every year, as December 31st nears, i look back and try to take stock of the year that has been. and without many exceptions, i'm usually surprised at the things that I did and the things that happened, while the stuff that didn't are usually quite mundane and even expected. 2013 lives up to that history.

one thing I'd never have expected is the amount of items on my "bucket list" that i finally struck off:

biking to ladakh (except that i wanted to bike all the way from Bombay, which didn't happen)

biking to places other than goa - gokarna, ladakh, the konkan coastline, mangalore, hampi

off-road biking

learning surfing

river rafting

getting involved in a business venture

and then there's the more mundane stuff, but it's also exceptional when you put it all together:

getting back to reading (more than a book a month this year, as opposed to barely 4 last year)

getting back to trekking (6 weekends of back to back riding + trekking this monsoon, a couple of winter treks)

maintaining some semblance of a diet (paleo, for the most part)

getting my long term finances in order

general lifehacking (getting rid of most timesinks like twitter, games, fixing my sleep schedule, finding my social life balance between making new friends and spending time with the ones that matter)

still, a lot more remains to be done in 2014, that i was hoping to get done this year:


ladakh on bike, end to end

biking to the east coast

having a consistent fitness routine

travel blogging

international travel

getting settled, relationship-wise

yes, I'm hoping to better 2013.


~j~ said...

Good luck with 2014, Kris! Your posts are fantastic and provide much food for thought.

Now please meet with my friend. ;)

krist0ph3r said...

haha... thanks! and you're helping me with the last goal, eh? :P

~j~ said...

I was trying to help you with that since last year! See you sometime soon. Hope you're presentable and all that jazz (after your trip) to meet prospective dates/brides. :P

WeirdISgooD said...

Happy New Year Krisu!

krist0ph3r said...

happy happy sonu!!!

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