Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a letter to a friend

dedicated to mich:

we're all born to be fighters, from our first cry to our last breath. but in between the fights, there are moments that make it all worth it. think about the year gone by. it wasn't perfect, but then again, nobody else's was, is or will be. but what matters is that things happened that made you smile, laugh, forget about the past, dream about the future. and they will happen again.

think back. did you ever feel this terrible before? the worst of your past may not feel as depressing as your present, but how bad did it feel back then? life is full of ups and downs. like a rollercoaster, you'll never know how low it will go or how high it will take you. and it doesn't matter either. what matters is that the end of the ride, you will look back and feel that it was all worth it. and you can't say that it's over until feel with all your heart that it was worth it.

i've given up on things i can say. i think your inner voice speaks to you louder than any of us ever will.

may god bless you!

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