Monday, January 03, 2011

respect for life

i have no respect for people who put their kids' lives in danger.

today was particularly bad. two incidents in 10 minutes, on my ride home.

one guy with 2 kids on his scooter. one little fellow (not more than 3, for sure), standing in front, and one probably a year older, sitting behind, holding on to him. and *sleeping*.

the kid was so sleepy, that when one of the guys on another scooter screamed at this rider, he stopped and made the kid stand in front too, and the kid was actually dozing off while standing, in the few seconds i had to observe. and then the signal turned green, the guy started his scooter and resumed his ride.

a few kilometres ahead, i was heading towards a section with a gap in the median, at a rather decent speed, since there were no vehicles anywhere in sight.

and then i saw a bike crossing the opposite side of the road, guy riding, with a kid on the tank, and two more riding pillion.

something clicked in my head as i realized the guy was heading across the road a bit too quickly to just be crossing over to the rightmost lane. no, it looked more like he was heading across all the lanes, right into my path.

lights flashing and horn blaring, i braked screechingly hard, and finally stopped a few feet from broadsiding him. the guy finally looked to his left and at me. waved out to me and winked, still making his way across the road.

he fuckin *winked* at me.

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Karishma Sundaram said...

That's just WRONG. Although Arabs really take the cake in the kids'-lives-are-worthless category.

One Sudanese man lost his kid to a car accident, and all he had to say was so what if one died - I can produce a few more.

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