Monday, November 22, 2010

five days

i've always had this weird problem with staying at home. forget weekends, i usually never take more than one sick day off, because i'd feel sicker the second day due to the sheer monotony of being at home. somehow office doesn't feel that way to me.

so my record so far is a a day and a half at home.

until last thursday.

wednesday was a holiday, that i actually spent at home cos i couldn't think of anything better to do, but thankfully, i did go to work on thursday morning, and only fell sick in the afternoon.

so there i was, high fever et al, under house arrest for atleast 2 days. followed by the weekend.

i thought i was cured, but it turned out i wasn't. and to top it all, it's been raining every evening (daily rain in november? it didn't rain this much in frikkin *JULY*!), so i haven't even been able to step out onto the terrace in the evenings.

and then i was still feeling weak and unwell on monday.

i've reached the point where, i'm scared that if i stay home for one more day, i will just lose the will to work, eat or do anything else. and just sleep myself to a deathly hibernation.

yes, that's how bad five days can be for me.

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Pallav said...

I stayed home at five days too, once. And it was bad. Very. We people of offices are not fit for staying home it seems.


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