Thursday, November 18, 2010

feverish thoughts

I had a rather bad fever till a few minutes ago. temperature nudging 104°F. extreme weakness.

the doctor gave me medicine that he said will get rid of the fever in 2 hours.

so I had a bowl of soup, and downed the tablets, praying for the best.

I was out like a light, in a deep sleep.

till I started dreaming. or rather, hallucinating.

I started feeling like multiple people. I felt like everyone. and I felt like I had to do strange things.

I had to clothe everyone. I had to feed everyone. then there were too many clothes. there were too many people. I just had to feed myself. and a few more people. I had to give them work. the people in me. they wanted to do something. they were feeling hot. they didn't like the work. they were me. I was sweating. then, I was feeling cold and they were feeling hot. I was uncomfortable but they were ok. they wanted me to sleep this way, I did not. we tossed and turned, trying to remove clothes, put them back on, gave ourselves work.

and then I woke up.

and thought to myself: what am I doing here?  what am I supposed to be doing here? who are these people? why are they unhappy?

and then I realized it's just me.

I opened facebook on my phone, and suddenly, I felt like myself again.

I shall go to sleep now. hope I wake up fine!

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