Wednesday, August 25, 2010

yesterday's dream

i've started remembering my dreams again. i'm happy about it.

anyway, yesterday's dream:

i was back in college (xavier's, to be specific). i was on my way to attend a lecture in the multimedia room. it was a *religion* lecture (i was never taught religion in college, btw - the nearest was "PHV" - something and human values. in 11th.)

anyway. i was in college, walking to the MMR. i was almost late for the lecture.

on the corridor, i caught up with my friend (who btw, happened to be my lab partner when i was in college). in my dream, she was pretty thin, and about my height (in real life, she's kinda chubbier and shorter). and was wearing a green t-shirt and jeans. in fact, barring her face, she looked suspiciously similar to one of my recent crushes. hmmm.

anyway, she was carrying a cardboard box that was full of t-shirts.

apparently she'd been helping organize some musical event, and the t-shirts were branded with someone who played there.

i can describe the t-shirt, cos it looked rather cool:

it was an indigo cotton collared tee, with one white and blue stripe running the length of the seam from the armpit to the hem on the sides, and on the right side, midway through the stripe, the name of the band was printed in the same white and blue pattern, in the same thickness as the stripe.

anyway, in the dream, she gave me a t-shirt, but it was one size too small.

we then sat at the same desk in the MMR (in real life, the MMR didn't have desks, it had chairs that had one broad armrest that was broad enough to rest a writing pad or notebook).

because of the cardboard box, there wasn't enough room at the desk to take notes, so halfway through the presentation, we moved it from our desk to the floor at the front of the classroom.

also, for some reason, the guy conducting the lecture (a thin, tallish priest i didn't recognize), gave her the remote control that could control the presentation.

we were too busy talking during the presentation to see what it was about.

that's when i woke up.

45 minutes late for work.


Karishma Sundaram said...

Whenever any of my dreams are so clear, I start wondering what they could possibly mean. Invariably I figure that out later, but I get all excited.

(I'm weird.)

krist0ph3r said...

you're not weird. atleast, not as weird as someone who blogs his dreams!

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