Monday, August 23, 2010

birthday resolutions

10 days later, time for a review:

1. i won't drink, except on occasion. and i won't drink too much.


so/so. i did drink a fair bit on friday night, but it was all social, and i didn't drink till i even got buzzed. i think that's fine.

2. i will go to church and pray often.


failed. completely. let's see if i can pick up now.

3. i will exercise.


not started yet. the cycle will be fixed tomorrow. once i start cycling to work five days a week, i can forgive the few days i've missed.

4. i will pick up my performance at work.


work in progress. not much success yet. efforts are underway.

5. i will sort out my emotional baggage


work in progress. although i'm not really sure if i will actually succeed or not. no game changing moves planned yet.


Pallav said...

You know dude, you need to put some facts/figures/numbers in your resolutions. What you've written here is vague.

"I will go to church often"

Can't really define "often". Instead, say "i'll go to church every tuesday, thursday and sunday". That's achievable. Exactness in goals :)



krist0ph3r said...

the details are secret. church: once a week. pray: twice a day.

i don't want to make public how much exactly is "too much" in not drinking too much ;)

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