Wednesday, June 09, 2010

pissed off.

today was my angriest day in months.

it's been building up for a while.

my bike has been dysfunctional for 10 days now, because the mechanic didn't fix it properly, despite 4 visits with the same two problems.

monday morning, i couldn't get a rickshaw, but hitched a ride halfway to work with a friend, and then had to walk for 20 minutes looking for a rickshaw, till i finally found a bus that went towards office. and reached late.

yesterday morning, i had to wait (nay, walk around!) for a rickshaw for *half a frikkin hour* in a downpour, because i couldn't find a rickshaw, and the few rickshaws didn't want to go to my office.

yesterday evening, i had to hard reset my phone, losing all my apps, text messages, settings, gps tracks, and other miscellaneous stuff, because my phone ran out of memory and uninstalling 30mb of apps didn't get me any of it back.

and finally, today evening, i had to walk for 20 minutes looking for a rickshaw because atleast 30 rickshaws refused to go towards my home, finally gave up and decided to take a bus, had to leave two buses because they were too packed, got a third bus, was slammed in my knee so hard by someone's briefcase that it actually bled, and finally, the bus didn't even stop where it had to, near my house. to top it all, i was bored sick all the way, because i wanted to rant and twitter was down for over 2 hours, foursquare was also down for a while, gprs was flaky, my bro made me get up from the computer for "five minutes" but didn't inform me when he was done, and i was forced to lie down in a corner of my house where there is no wi-fi, and blogger was giving 404 errors when i was trying to comment on people's blogs, and google reader on my phone refuses to hide posts after i've read them.

so in short, this is who/what i'm pissed off with, in ascending order:
  • bro
  • the guy who slammed my knee
  • vodafone
  • my mechanic
  • twitter
  • each of those 50+ rickshaw drivers who have turned me down over the past 3 days.
in fact, i think i would have killed a driver today if they weren't so quick to speed off when they hear where i want to go.

ps: bro should actually jump two places. i just realized the reason why all those 404 errors and half the twitter connection failures and all of the flaky wifi is because he was fucking around with the router.


Pallav said...

that's some bad ju ju bro...hope good times are around the corner...take back the fun from life on weekend :D


krist0ph3r said...

bike gets fixed this weekend. after that, rickshaws, buses and knee slamming mofos have no control over me!!!

Karishma Sundaram said...

I have had those days before - quite often in fact! I just keep telling myself: "This too shall pass."

Scribbles! said...

Hahaha...i know im laughing at ur misery...dude it is funny how life was hell with ur bike being fcked...more like a handicap without it eh! anyway good luck with it being fixed.

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