Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mini interview for Metrotwin Mumbai

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Kris was born in Mumbai, and has lived in the city for most of his 26 years. He's a software engineer five days a week, a nomad on weekends, and a foodie-cum-geek all the time. A dedicated twitterer and follower of Metrotwin Mumbai, we thought we would pick his brains about his beloved city.


What are your favourite places  in Mumbai?

Restaurants: Pop Tate's and Five Spice are the best in terms of chain restaurants in Mumbai, but I also like Britannia, Paradise and Baghdadi in Colaba.

Pubs: For a good atmosphere, I recommend Toto's and Temptations in Bandra , but anyone visiting Mumbai should check out Leopold's and Mondegar in Colaba too.

Clubs: Boat Club and the Hawaiian Shack in Bandra are the best places to go for a big night out, and El Grotto in Malad is pretty cool too.

Hangout: Inorbit is great for shopping and chilling out , there is always loads going on on Marine Drive, and Carter Road has really come alive in the last few years with lots of good shops and restaurants opening.

When you are going to a new city -- and assuming you have some time to explore -- where do you go for advice on what to see and do?

I use social media basically - mainly Twitter, but I also contact my networks of friends/ex-colleagues/ex-classmates via Facebook.

What was your best urban discovery (restaurant, venue, etc) in 2009?

Maharashtra Nature Park in Dharavi  definitely - it's huge, and has amazing variety of trees, and despite its size, no one seems to know it exists.

In terms of restaurants, definitely the Britannia and Paradise, as I mentioned earlier - the latter made me fall in love with Parsi food!

Mohammed Ali Street during Ramadan was another amazing discovery -  I always wanted to go there for the amazing food, and finally made it last year.

Tell us somewhere you've never been in Mumbai and want to go.

The slums in Dharavi - I have heard so much about them, but have never had the courage to go and see for myself.

What is your favourite city smell?

The scent of the sea breeze on Marine Drive.

What is the one thing you miss most about Mumbai when you are away?

The city never sleeps!

If you had to sum up Mumbai in a sentence, what would you say?

Mumbai is the melting pot of India, greater than the sum of its parts - it's everything for everyone.

What is your favourite film/book set in Mumbai?

I'm not a big fan of local films. I love to read blogs about day to day life in Mumbai. I will probably read some books eventually, but haven't selected any yet.

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DILLIGAF said...

Now I know why I have always fancied a visit!

That is one of the best things about Blogger.

You can learn so much from the rest of the world and realise your little patch is just that - a little patch.

Great post old bean!

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