Saturday, February 27, 2010

giving up

lent began a couple of weeks ago. a close friend of mine remarked a few days before ash wednesday, that since i derive most of my pleasure out of my weekend trips, i should give that up for lent.

for good measure, i decided to give up alcohol too.

i'm currently wondering whether there was any point to either.

because now that i'm in bombay, i've started enjoying my weekends spent here. meeting friends and family, getting pending work done, watching movies, visiting old hangouts and discovering new ones.

and now that i've stopped drinking, i'm back to foodie-ism with a vengeance.

bottomline is, i'm enjoying myself anyway. so what's the point of giving all this stuff up? i could even give up all the stuff i currently enjoy (off the top of my head: eating meat, listening to music, twitter, facebook...) and still be as good as ever.

so what's the point of all this "detachment" and pious giving up and all, really? all i'm left with are fleeting regrets, of things that i wanted to do but didn't. not that i care too much about them, but hey, they're there.

ps: don't bother telling me to start travelling and drinking again. that's decided, and i'm not gonna change my mind till easter dawns. i'm musing about the future here.


Deeseelicious said...

I personally dont believe in this whole hoopla of giving up something as a sacrifice etc. People who give up drinking etc, come back with a vengeance on Easter night. Id rather do something small, a small change in the way i live which actually benefits someone else or makes someone else smile.
Worth a thought ?

DILLIGAF said...

I gave up brussel sprouts when I was 5 years old. That'll do for me...;-)

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