Monday, February 22, 2010

lost in (cyber)space

there was a time (starting about 10 years ago, when i started "collecting" jokes) when i had a photographic memory for jokes. if i read a joke once, i'd remember it for the rest of my life. maybe not well enough to narrate it again, but definitely well enough to tell, 5 years later, that i've heard that one before.

anyway, cut back to today.

someone posted some question on twitter, and that got me searching google for a post on my blog that answered it. unfortunately, my google-fu wasn't too good, and i couldn't find it. and randomly, somewhere on the results page, i clicked on one unrelated link that grabbed my attention.

i started reading about the top 10 things that are wrong with windows mobile. it was a nice and funny post, and mostly true too!

i was so engrossed in reading it, that i read the comments too. the last comment was especially cool, i thought:

i agree with all your points except pocket outlook, memory and performance:
on my last 2 phones (o2 zinc/sony x1) outlook worked like a charm, html, embedded pictures/tables, everything. lack of filters in outlook is no big deal if you have filters in exchange/imap (gmail in my case). lack of rich text in the composer is the only drawback, i guess.
as for memory, it’s not a memory leak at all. windows mobile 6 onwards has a cache (5 and before didn’t), so it keeps free mem to a minimum and uses the rest for a cache. it greatly improves speed and battery life. you can tell when the cache isn’t in action, as the battery starts getting warm and draining when the device is genuinely running low on memory.
as for performance, winMo6 is excellent!!! the only drawback is the lack of dedicated graphics hardware in most handsets, and corresponding software support for it. have you ever tried opening a folder with 100+ files in it in symbian? or doing a full text search on 2000+ texts in your inbox? winMo6 beats the rest by miles!!!

i read the comment and said to myself: wow, how awesome. someone who's used an o2 zinc too. that's pretty rare. and this comment was really good too. he said everything i wanted to say, and i actually couldn't think of anything more to add.

i thought i should post a comment saying that i 100% agree with the comment above. i scrolled a bit so that i could see the author's nickname, to use in my comment.

and almost choked on myself.

the comment was by me.

it was posted april 21st, 2009. about 10 months ago.


Pallav said...

That was fucking funny dude. I'd be fucked too, if i forgot where I had left a comment :D


krist0ph3r said...

i know man. i'm so lost, i wasn't even surprised till i read my name. before that i just thought, "oh this is kinda cool" as if it happens everyday!!!

DILLIGAF said...

There's nowt wrong with admiring yourself...especially if you don't know you are!!!...;-)

Being technologically inept I insist my mobiley company give me a brick with keys.

I phone someone. Someone phones me.

I can cope with that.


Old fart syndrome...

Anonymous said...

OMFG!!!! This is hilarious! And freaky!

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