Thursday, April 09, 2009

white is black...sorry, back

i remember last july, when i was so bored that i decided to finally eschew one of my long-standing design principles, and go for a black background for this blog.

several months later, i've decided to go back to my roots. this time it was one of the free templates blogger featured on their layout screen, but not without a fair bit of tweaking. it'll be fun if you could spot the original too :D

if you see this in a reader,
step over to my blog for a while.
you can leave with a comment,
or perhaps even a smile :)


:D said...


The Preacherman said...

Your blog your way

krist0ph3r said...'s always my way...but i used to think a light background was better than a dark one, till boredom got the better of me...and now it has, once again :D

Gandalf said...

i kinda liked your black theme.

krist0ph3r said...

haha well you win some, you lose some. i'm more interested in which side i'm on :P

Chheda said...


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