Wednesday, April 08, 2009

talk like an egyptian... :D

winnie the poohi recently tagged everyone to chat with a certain bot and post it.

i decided to dig up something from my own chat archives instead :P

P: hey dude u there?
K: no
P: :)
K: this is kris' coomputer
P: ohh ok
K: how can i help you?
P: but who is there on Kris' computer?
K: right now, nobody
P: I dont believe
K: i can answer some of your questions.
P: What is my tomorrows horoscope?
K: that's not a question i can asnwer.
P: will india win test series tomorrow
K: that's not a question i can asnwer.
P: what no. will be there in tommorows maharashtra rajya lottery
K: that's not a question i can asnwer either.
P: ok
P: 2+ 3 = ?
K: 5
P: ok
P: 5 / 0 =?
K: not defined.
P: by whom?
K: i don't know the answer to that question.
P: what all you know?
K: i've been programmed not to answer that question.
P: who programmed you?
K: he calls himself kris.
P: hu kris?
K: i'm sorry, i don't understand that question.
P: were is kris?
K: he is at home.
P: ok I got u kris
K: i'm sorry, i don't understand you.
P: can you say bye?
K: yes, if you ask me to.
P: ok say bye
K: bye
P: i cant here you, say loudly
K: loudly
P: hahahaha
K: i'm not very sure of what you're asking me to do.
P: that was cool
K: no it wasn't.
P: why?
K: i'm not aware that it is cool.
K: it could be.
P: OK do u understand PJs?
K: i have limited understanding.
P: Do u know marathi?
K: no.
P: Do u know sachin tendulkar?
K: no.
P: do u know kris?
K: yes.
P: who is that?
K: he programmed me.
P: ok do you know, answer to life, the universe and everything ?
K: no, i don't know that.
P: I know that, it is 42
P: can you google anything?
K: i'm not allowed to
K: is the answer a fact or your opinion?
P: I dont know, google knows that
K: i'm sorry, i don't understand.
P: how come u answered 2 times to this question
K: i answered your previous question last.
K: you were asking me questions too quickly for me to answer.
P: I dont think so it is artificial intelligence
P: this is human intelligence
K: ok
P: ok anyways
P: I have some work to do now
K: ok
P: it was nice to meeting you
P: what is your name
P: ?
K: it was nice meeting you too, Prasad
K: i'm kris' computer
P: ohhh, please tell him to give you a better name
K: ok, i will.
P: and say hi to him from myside
P: bye
P: goodnight
K: is myside a person?
K: bye
K: goodnight
P: hey, bye the way do u sleep?
K: no.
K: but i stop working when someone is using the computer,
P: ok so then have a nice time
K: thank you. you have a nice time too.

(chat silence for a few minutes)
K: :D
P: :)
P: it was a nice conversation
K: how's you man!!!
K: yeah...good fun
K: i was prepared to answer more questions
P: hahaha, I was not prepared to ask more


Winnie the poohi said...

he he he very phunny :D :D

Anonymous said...

a good joke,sensible rather!!keep going!!!

WeirdISgooD said...

Lol !!

This is so funny ! I wonder if i would have believed u too ...

Unknown said...

Hey dude....
too good
what abt the second part??? :P

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