Monday, April 20, 2009

memories in a sea of forgetfulness

first off, i brought a new phone. i'm not gonna speak much about it now, cos there's gonna be a nice full post on that sometime soon.

so after a bit of figuring out, i managed to get my texts transferred from my old phone (yeah, all 7700+ of them!). only catch is that the first time after importing, the phone has to do some sort of reorganization of all these messages. skipping the dry details, the end result is that i had to patiently wait for over an hour (and still counting!) while each text flashed on my screen for a fraction of a second.

i can't think of an adjective to describe the experience.

among the thousands of texts that flashed by, i read ones from a friend who subsequently passed away, texts from a person who i didn't know a few months ago who turned into one of my bset friends, a relationship that was budding at the start of 2008, almost made it, and then died, friends who i had such great times with but don't speak to any more, friends who have mysteriously drifted apart, vacations and road trips being planned and executed, birthday/christmas/easter wishes and the like, and so much more.

i almost relived the past 16 months in an hour.

ps: yeah, i skipped the last 2 months of texts cos i had to type this out. but i guess that's not too bad :). and the post title is inspired by the BT song with the same title :)

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Siddharth said...

I love the para summing up the relationship.. the friends drifting away.. so true of everyone...

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