Tuesday, February 03, 2009

last year

love's inside me, love's been growing strong,
feelings like this can't be kept secret for long.
Will you be my valentine, i'd love to be yours too,
My life won't feel complete if i can't share it with u.

Lots n lots of love,

yup, i sent that text exactly a year ago (down to the minute) to someone.

funny how life never turns out the way it seems like it will.

ps: i have 13 months of sent and received texts on my phone. 6579 messages. :)


Winnie the poohi said...

Too much junk!

Kris said...

i just didn't want to lose the memory when i buy a new phone, that's all :D

The Preacherman said...

13 months?????

I've got a brick - all my upgrades over 8 years have gone to my daughter.

More than 20 texts and it blows up.

Not necessarily a bad thing

WeirdISgooD said...

When. Was the last time I texted ? Remind me so i can feel guilty :P

Kris said...

@weirdisgood: 31st december 2008. 45 minutes before midnight. i didn't text back. guess who's feeling guilty now :(

DeeSee said...

Ur a Freak !

btw... can i steal those lines for this years Valentines day ?
Subject to me finding someone to send that to, and subject to the Shiv Sena going easy on roadside Romeo's.

Kris said...

@deeSee sure bud!!! hope it's not too late tho...all the best!!! :D

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