Thursday, February 05, 2009

25 things about me you'd never know unless i told you

inspired by kanika's note :)

this isn't everything, this isn't even the best of everything. this is just whatever popped into my head at this moment.

  1. the max i've ever slept at a stretch is 20 hours. i've gone for 68 hours without sleep, and then slept 4 hours and went for another 24 hours without sleep.

  2. i have slept for a whole hour while standing in a crowded train. i was woken up when the train reached the last stop and everyone got out. i was still asleep and standing.

  3. when i was a kid i used to believe that trains stay in one place while the earth rotates below them. i couldn't explain how trains go back the other direction. i also believed cars are propelled by turning the steering wheel.

  4. i once went from having shoulder length hair to bald overnight. people didn't recognize me for a while. the last time i wasn't bald for over 6 months in a year, was 7 years ago when i had shoulder length hair (2002). i can now shave my own head without a mirror.

  5. i never copied in an exam till i graduated. i never wrote an exam without copying while i was postgraduating. in some of my last papers, i didn't even study because i didn't have any notes.

  6. i've sleepwalked only once in my life. no one realised i was asleep till i fell down and chipped a tooth. my dad carried back to my bed and i continued sleeping for another few hours. at the same time, i also dreamed that i fell down and chipped a tooth, but the dream was completely different from what happened (other than the tooth part).

  7. i once had a dream within a dream within a dream. when i woke up i wasn't sure it that was a dream too. and this was on the day of my final graduation exam.

  8. i thought of the concept of the matrix in 1997. when i tried explaining it to my parents they couldn't understand a thing. i went mad for about a week because no one could understand what i was trying to say.

  9. i still believe in a matrix-like world. not one controlled by computers, but one in which reality is completely un-definable and different from what we sense. yeah, it's a whole lot of philosophical mumbo-jumbo, but in short, i believe that we are unable to comprehend reality.

  10. of the 3 women i've dated so far, i've met 2 online. one on hi5 (i introduced her to orkut), and the other on orkut (she introduced me to facebook)

  11. i used to be slightly deaf in my left ear due to an experiment which caused the left side of my headphones to blow up. i evened it out by placing my music system's right speaker net to my right ear (while i'm at my comp) for about 2 years. now i'm partly deaf in both ears.

  12. i have a friend who thinks i'm god and plans to dedicate a shrine to me someday

  13. i used to write games for myself to play on my first computer. i made about 5 before i finally found friends who could copy games for me using floppies.

  14. i used to collect all jokes that i would get by email and save them in text files. i collected about 1200 a4 pages of jokes before i gave up collecting.

  15. i feel pained by mail in my inbox. if it's gmail, it should be empty. if it's at work, it should all be read. and i will read every single mail i get.

  16. i haven't deleted a single mail since 2001. i haven't deleted a single line of code written by myself since i brought my first computer in 1996. the only code i ever lost was due to a virus in 1998, and it wasn't much either. i haven't deleted a single sms since 2005. when i changed phones, i backed up my texts in case i ever feel like reading them later. i currently have close to 7000 texts on my phone.

  17. i can type with my toes, my elbows, or my heel. i can use my mouse with my right foot.

  18. i learned photoshop on a comp that had a black and white monitor

  19. i used to remember 50 phone numbers till i brought my first cell phone

  20. i make typos with words that sound like each other. i may type thes instead of this.

  21. i can dial my home phone number faster than a touch-phone can actually make the dialing tones.

  22. i type so much that my computer's keyboard is worn out to the point where most of the keys don't have anything printed on them. i don't even notice it unless someone points it out. i recently tried typing on my phone with my eyes closed, and succeeded on the first try.

  23. i had blood sugar levels of 500+ (normal is below 120) for around 3 months and didn't realise anything was wrong. apparently those levels are fatal.

  24. i was once in shock for 2 weeks. i had an accident and got stitches on my leg, the stitches even got infected, but i didn't feel any pain at all. the accident was so freaky that it took a minute to convince me that i was alive and on earth. i thought i was dead and in heaven till i heard my friends' voices.

  25. i have on 2 different occasions, in college, written an entire page in my notebook while sleeping. i was caught on one of those occasions, and answered the prod correctly by reading what i just wrote. this was after being shaken awake by my classmate, (the prof's calling didn't wake me). i can (and have) slept through training sessions at work and still registered almost everything, sometimes even woken up to ask questions.

okay, so now's the chance to spread the fun: i tag nickolai, manisha, nothingman, aarti, apoorv and sonu. but anyway, everyone who reads this is still free to put up a list of their own. exactly 25 things. keep it going!!!


Winnie the poohi said...

Some of them are down right freaky!

R u for real ? :D

P.S: I love being tagged ;) ;)

Anonymous said...


That's hilariously interesting !!!

I know you are freak but this is too much and I also believe that 25 is just an odd number, you can go beyond infinity with this kind of things ;-)

Have Fun ;-)

Wd said...

I want to know more about 24...

You must have written about it somewhere...

krist0ph3r said...

@winnie: of course i'm real!!! oh and you're tagged now :)

@chheda: i know...but apparently 25 is the rule. otherwise people might die of heart attack.

@wd: i'll write about all my "near death experiences" someday :)

Princess Fiona said...

first time passerby..nice list!!

co-incidentally...i put one up recently too! though trust me mine is no where close to as "unique" as yours!!! :)

and since we're on the topic..check this out...hilarious!,8599,1877187,00.html?cnn=yes

Meghna Bhujwala said...

You're so much fun! :)

Jadis said...

Dude. Your life's been anything but boring.

Anonymous said...

wow, I loved reading it. Very interesting. About the 24th point, did you have a nearly-death experience? I think you did. That happens.

krist0ph3r said...

oh cmon people...i'm sure your lives are as funny too!!! just dig in a bit!!!

@fiona: that link was nice!!! ROTFL!!

Deeseelicious said...

That was a nice read Kris.
We should talk more about point no. 9 over Drinks.
Sunlight ?

krist0ph3r said...

@deeSee anytime dude!!! sunlight is good!!! i always need vitamin D ;)

Anonymous said...

Had to read that 3 times to get a grip on it. Not what I expected. :)
though how could you miss out on the food ???!!

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