Tuesday, January 27, 2009

consensual sex

warning for linux fanboys and those easily offended by innuendo: this post may not be for you. no comments about either os will be entertained. this is my personal opinion, made a little more extreme for conversational humor purposes.

i'm sure some people love anal rape too. call me a microsoft fanboy, but i prefer consensual sex with women :D

if you're scratching your head in confusion, here's the entire conversation taken verbatim from my twitter timeline:

b: Logging into Windows after a pretty long time.
b: (to someone else) I am so taken in with Ubuntu that Windows looks positively dowdy. Not to mention a lot less powerful
k: i never log out of windows. windows mobile that is. microsoft FTW!!! okay, i'm just trolling :P
b: (to someone else): I am using BCM4312, according to lshw. And as I am using a laptop I can't replace it. So guess have to go by the emu route, Thnks
k: windows may look dowdy, but i don't need to worry about the serial numbers of the chips on my NICs :D
b: No gain without some pain man.Especially for stuff that is gratis.
k: true, but what i dislike is the advertisement of the gain & absence of pain followed by the pulling of the rug from below your feet :D
b: Which rug?
k: the support rug. i'm bitching about linux. assumed you were talking about it when you said "No gain without some pain" :D
b: Yeah...sure sometimes it is a big pain in the butt to hunt all sorts of stuff in forums.Bit if you have time and interest its fun
k: yeah, i'm sure some people love anal rape too. call me a microsoft fanboy, but i prefer consensual sex with women :D
b: configuring linux=anal rape? using MS= consensual sex? Then my fight to fix Wifi in MS makes this consensual thing scary.
k: okay, i guess i coloured my metaphors a little too much. but are you saying that it's easier to configure wifi on linux than windows?

(my impromptu reply, which i discarded in favour of the last tweet was: "even consensual sex could get painful once in a while, no? :D")


RandomGyan said...

ok I HAVE to comment now :)

It is NOT easier to configure wifi in ubuntu versus windows :)

and kris - the metaphors... kinda extreme :) gets all confusing :)

Ubuntu is awesome if ur a tech junkie but it is still not ready for mainstream. not ready at all.

Winnie the poohi said...

I agree with this random guy.. Ubuntu is cool! I have only used live cd.. mind it.. and yet.. windows it is for normal ppl..

But ubuntu is too cool to be forgotten or avoided..

The Preacherman said...

Linux has a nice penguin though.

Not sure what that has to do with consensual sex....unless your into penguins....

krist0ph3r said...

@randomgyan the metaphors are what make it worth reading...windows vs linux has been done to death already :D

@winnie exactly. some people like anal rape too...and find it too cool to be forgotten or avoided too :P

@preacherman it's an analogy. and i'm *not* into penguins or linux or anal rape. although consensual sex with women (and hence, windows) is perfectly acceptable ;)

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