Sunday, January 25, 2009

Comedy of tragedy

Ever laughed at an accident? It's probably not something you wanna be caught doing, and it's probably gonna impact your karma score too, but some incidents just beg it.

Like today afternoon. The flyover leading to the western express highway. A truck bumped a car from behind rather badly. I rode up to them just as the car owner finished delivering his choicest curses, sat in the car and drove off. Realised something was wrong and stopped a few feet ahead. Just as the truck started moving and flattened his car's silencer into a sheet, and then stopped a couple of metres ahead.

I wish i had recorded it on video...or atleast photo. Ultimate pwnage by the truck driver!!!


Jadis said...

Lord how funny these mortals be!!

The Preacherman said...

a bus flattening an old Nissan was hysterical. I was driving the bus. Laughed myself silly as they cut the silly cow out. Not a scratch on her either!!!

RandomGyan said...


truck drivers FTW!

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