Monday, June 02, 2008

i stink...and i'm gonna die single!

there's a rather interesting application on facebook called "compare people". it shows you two randomly selected friends from your friend list and asks you to compare them on a certain characteristic (eg: who's more intelligent, who would i rather kiss etc). over time it builds some sort of ranking within your friend network.

those people have been getting quite creative of late, and in the process doing some rather fun (or embarrassing) things. like a few weeks ago, it sent a mail out to a (female) friend of mine saying that:

you won over ___ in response to the question "who would kris rather sleep with"

hmmm. thankfully, she took it rather sportingly (no, she didn't sleep with me :P)

today, they decided to do something even more random. they searched for people who share 2 of my top 3 or 4 ranked and bottom 3 or 4 ranked characteristics in order to find "my friends' friends who are most similar to me"

so apparently, i'm similar to 4 of my friends' friends on the basis of the following characteristics:

top ranked

  • likely to succeed
  • tech savvy
  • adventurous

bottom ranked

  • smells nicer
  • most desired for marriage

damn. i hope my friends are wrong.

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