Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today morning, i was trying to get coupons punched at bandra station for a train ride to borivli. There were two machines, one with a smaller crowd around it than the other. Predictably, i headed for that one...only to be greeted by people turning away, saying that it isn't working. A few persistent people stayed on and kept trying though.

When my turn came, i managed to punch all 3 coupons on the first try, much to everyone's surprise.

People tried their luck after me, thinking that it the machine has started working...but to no avail.

I ended up teaching them how to punch coupons. There are a few tricks like flipping the coupon if one end doesn't work, straightening the coupon, giving it a very slight bend if it's too soft, removing the coupon from the slot at various speeds (yeah, it actually works!) etc.

Either my taught techniques were wrong or i was skipping some vital, subconciously-employed trick. The punch refused to do it's job.

Finally, they pleaded me to punch their coupons for them...and i did, pretty much flawlessly.


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