Wednesday, May 21, 2008

murphy's law of parking lots

at 1am today in my office's parking lot, there were exactly 3 bikes parked in the entire two-wheeler area.

my bike was in between the other two bikes.

they were parked so close that i couldn't sit on my bike to wheel it out.

this is about as murphyesque as a parking lot could possibly get.


Unknown said...

dude! u left the office at 1 AM?? Respect man. Respect!

I do notice that you always seem to have bad luck getting your bike out of the parking lot :P

Anonymous said...

This is a nice blog. I like it!

Pallav said...

come on dude, there is ample space between the bikes!! besides, you must have gotten it out somehow :P

another thing you could have done is tip over the bike on left side. HA HA


krist0ph3r said...

@ess dee: yeah...i should lose some weight ;)

"respect" always reminds me of ali g's, "restepk" - remember that one???

@nothingman: well...yeah, i did get it out, but not as elegantly as i would have liked to :P

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