Tuesday, May 27, 2008

comments.add("generic appreciative spam")

my blog's pretty much always been captcha-free (i hate typing out captchas and am occasionally challenged by them - am i turning into a computer? :P), so i occasionally get a bit of comment spam. thankfully, blogger is smart enough to tag comments as no-follow links, so i don't have to worry about leaking my microscule page rank to other less deserving sites (assuming penis enlargement doesn't really work :D), and i get a mail whenever anyone comments, so i can hop over to my blog and delete spam a few hours after it gets posted.

so yeah - i usually just delete spam.

till now that is.

apparently, atleast one spam bot has hit upon an interesting technique: post comments that are worded as a compliment, and have the author link back to some spammy site.

guess what..it actually worked on me!

the comments are still there on my blog. anyone bored enough to find them? cmon, here's your cue :)


Gandalf said...



Interesting technique, though.

Kris said...

good work!!!

only one left...this one's more real looking, so extra points for finding it :)

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