Wednesday, May 28, 2008


stuff that i dream about while i'm asleep usually doesn't make sense. stuff that i dream about while i'm awake usually makes sense (rather, makes about as much sense as other things that i think about when i'm awake - which can be precious little anyway :D)

a couple of hours ago, i had a daydream while riding home (okay, it was 11:30pm, but i was definitely awake).

it struck me so intensely that i felt there was some sort of shareable message in it, one that i could blog.

over dinner, i was mentally composing my post (my comp was occupied, or i'd have probably started typing right away) when the thought/daydream started falling apart under scrutiny.

finally, there was nothing left to blog, save for the realisation that daydreams sometimes don't make sense either.

i wonder if i should write down my dream, in all it's senselessness...hmmmm.

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