Saturday, May 12, 2007

working for the weekend

today is officially the first time i've worked during a weekend during my 6 month internship. woke up at 10:30am, reached work at around 12:30pm (just so that it doesn't really feel like work), and will complete around an hour of useful work at 5:30pm ;)

song that's currently playing in my head: "working for the weekend" by loverboy (an 80s rock group for the uninformed) - you can watch the video too - it's definitely vintage 80s stuff :)

song that was playing in my head till i stepped into office today: armin van buuren's "deepsky" remix of the song "you won't see me cry" by markus schulz. armin van buuren sure knows how to breathe life into what started off as a pretty mediocre dance number...worth a listen :)

back to work now.

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