Sunday, May 06, 2007

last night's dream

i had a strange dream last night.

my dream was about my neighbour and once-upon-a-time friend, actually more about his mother. a few months ago i had a bit of a tiff with him, over some money he owed me. it wasn't much of a deal anyway, but i was rather sore over the fact that he had kept reassuring me for months that he'll pay me later, till one fine day he said that he just wasn't gonna pay me my money at all. still, it wouldn't have been all that bad if his mom hadn't stepped in and ruled that her son was right (without even listening to me - and i don't know what propaganda my 'friend' had been feeding her). she was downright rude about it, and called me some pretty interesting things, things that i'm pretty sure i'm not, even by a huge stretch of imagination.

ever since i've kept out of that guy and his mom's way. i pay my entire internet bill too, but that's much better since i don't have to share it basically things haven't been cool between me and that guy or his mother, for the past few months.

now for the dream:

im my dream, i met that guy's mom on my way home, and she remarked that she hardly ever sees me around the place these days. i replied that i've been keeping out of their way ever since the internet connection issue, especially after the things she called me.

her reply was: "i was just joking!!!"

end of dream.

strange, no??? anyway, i've decided that if something's big enough in my subconscious for me to dream about it, it's probably an issue worth considering and dealing with.

so there it is: i've now decided my friend and his mom were just joking.

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