Wednesday, June 18, 2014


yesterday, my best friend tisha surprised me with a post on my Facebook wall:

"I just realized something...u click pics of almost everything under the sun...right
from sun rise, travel to n fro office, what u ate at lunch , randomness around you,
rain, night lamps and so on...many people wonder why does Kristopher Noronha
keep clicking pics ...well I'd like to tell them all that this boy takes time out to
appreciate nature and all the good things around him...n if u hve a problem wit
that then ur life is toooo sad :) take time out to appreciate people!!!!!!!"

while I still haven't asked her what prompted this post, her analysis is spot on. I click and share photos and almost everything noteworthy (and publicly shareable) because I believe life is a balance of doing awesome things, recording them, sharing them, and occasionally, scrolling back through my albums and posts, and reliving them. I have lost count of the people who say they never need to ask me what i've been up to, because they've seen it all on facebook. some of them have told me that they look to my posts and photos to have a glimpse of a life they haven't had the chance to experience.

but I'm happiest when someone tells me that my appreciation towards the little things in life, and my endless search for little bits of positivity in every moment has inspired them to do the same.

thanks, tisha :)

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