Monday, April 09, 2012

the dreamcatcher

i've been blogging my dreams for years now. dreams are fun to blog, because they aren't constrained by the limits of rationality and possibility. i'm not very good at making up stories myself, so my dreams are far more entertaining than anything usually think up when awake :D

the problem with dreams are, they're usually hard to remember. and that was one problem i had to tackle early on. so i've figured how i can best remember my dreams long enough to blog them:
  • the moment i'm aware than i'm awake, before i even open my eyes, i replay the dream in my head.
  • once i open my eyes, i lie in bed and replay it again in my head.
  • once i'm up and about (usually getting ready for work and whatnot), i replay it again in my head one last time.
  • as soon as i have a few free minutes, i make a short note of my dream (because there are so many dreams that i remember, but actually haven't blogged cos my memory isn't searchable that way), and also to make sure i have some way of ensuring i don't mix dreams up. i especially note people from my dreams, because i've found that over time, they disintegrate into faceless, nameless people :)
  • twitter seems to work best for this for me, and a lot of my twitter favourites will be notes from my dreams.
  • finally, blog them as soon as possible! same day is preferable, but i remember my dreams up to a week, with enough of notes... although i have a tendency to find jumps in the story if i wait too long to blog it.
yep, that's pretty much it! i haven't figured a way to remember multiple dreams in the same night, sadly. i have managed to recall multiple dreams, but not very reliably :)

let me know if you try this technique out and it works/doesn't work for you. and of course, link your dreams here :)


pennylessnick said...

and one the plus side "deam"catcher is very catchy too :-l

Green Queen said...
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Scribbles! said...

I used to write my dreams in journal. now i don't record them. Good that u do.

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