Thursday, February 03, 2011

alien music

i've already proven to myself beyond doubt that music influences my mood and my behaviour. but there are incidents that have made me realize, the relationship between the two isn't as simple as it would appear to be.

imagine a beach shack in goa after sundown. speakers blaring psychdelic trance at full volume. visions of acid and other illegal hallucinogenics.

and then the only patrons: a family sitting at the shack, enjoying their dinner of steaks and fried fish, smiling away at each other, passing the salt when required to.

they might as well be sitting at a quiet, classy restaurant if it wasn't for the seedy tablecloth.

sometimes music inspires the same reaction in me.

ever tried listening to infected mushroom while in a traffc jam? i have. and when the jam clears, the insane speed of the music feels so alien to me that i still don't feel like riding above 40.

i remember once listening to some slow, western classical music while riding on the highway.

it made me do freaky things on the road that even megadeth hasn't managed to push me to yet.

guess music tends to be part of my grip on reality. and when the music happens to be too far removed from my reality to act like a grip, it behaves like the exact opposite. like a wheel that's locked and is now skidding out of control.

i call it alien music.

i love the feeling, and fear the music.

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