Friday, December 04, 2009

Telephonic multitasking #win!

Yesterday evening, while about to leave from work, i had to call a friend to let him know i was leaving soon. I was already on another call on my desk phone, so i decided i'll dial his number and put my desk phone on hold when he answers.

he answered. Said something. At the same time my other friend said something else. I was about to ask her to hold the line when i realised i was gonna say the same thing to both of them.

and that's what i did.

my friends are t and y, and i'm k:

k: i'm about to leave

t: give me 2 minutes
y: how long will you take? Say 5 minutes?

k: yeah...don't delay, please!

t: ya ya i'm hurrying!
y: gimme a missed call when you're in the parking lot.

k: cool. See ya!

t: okieeee byeeeee!
y: chal see ya!

k: bye

ladies and gentlemen, a new level of #awesomeness has been breached.


DILLIGAF said...

Now if you could do that via text I would be impressed!...;-)

Pallav said...

yay, way to go dude. next time do this on three phones :D


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