Wednesday, December 02, 2009

how to wake up thinking it's monday morning

i woke up few minutes ago from the strangest dream:

it was set near my home, on a weekday afternoon. i was (for some inexplicable reason) walking home in my office wear, but not walking on the streets. instead i was jumping building walls to get home (which is quite possible in IC, twisted and roundabout as the roads are). and my 50+ year old uncle, (who lives and works in vasai btw) happens to be following me to my place, jumping walls etc. he catches up with me. we start jumping walls together. jump the last wall towards home. my building is now across the road.

and then we spot a police van.

it was about 30 metres up the road, at the crossroads nearest my place. and it was loaded with police who were getting out, but the ones who got out were just standing around the van and looking at it noncommittally.

my uncle grabbed my hand and said "we gotta get away from here".

and then we walk, hand in hand, *TOWARDS* the van (which is further away than my home now is, btw), but keeping to the opposite side of the narrow road. i was pretty embarassed to be walking around holding a man's hand, but i said to myself, "what the hell, he's my dad's brother - almost as close as my dad", and that is apparently convincing enough.

we start making small talk, discussing work etc, while we circle around the next block. which, btw, will get us exactly to where we started from, opposite the road from my home.

and then suddenly, a good friend of mine drives by and stops a couple of metres away. which is strange, because she doesn't know how to drive, and doesn't own a car either.

first, a little about the friend: she's a girl who wants to be a guy, and is currently saving up and preparing for the "operation".

so now this friend waves at me and then calls me towards the car, and then says "hey, hope you aren't offended by my question, but are you gay?"

i explain that he's my uncle and we're doing this so that cops don't come after us. i then call him over to the car and introduce them both.

strangely, my uncle asks us how we know each other, and she says it's through my friend reena who also lives in vasai, and that he might know her too. the truth is that i've known her for 10 years now, and known reena for a little over half a year. and none of them know each other!

so apparently my uncle does not know reena, and we're back to walking around the block, hand in hand (even though the cops are on the other side of the block and can't see us), and i even start swinging my arms like a kid while we walk.

and then the alarm goes off.

the first thing that went through my head: "fuck. it's monday morning."

and it's wednesday morning.

ps: i snoozed the alarm, and mentally replayed the dream so that i don't forget it. i fell asleep halfway and probably re-dreamed some parts too. the is the version that remained in my brain some 15 minutes after waking.

pps: the dream is here thanks to three tweeple who responded "yes" within 30 seconds of me tweeting "should i blog my dream" :D


Experimental Mania said...

two things come to mind when I think of your dream..
you overdosed on the parkour ad of thums up :P
you've been watching too many old hindi filmein...
and you probably have an x-men pillow! :P :D

hahahah....hilarious one!

i should start blogging my dreams too :)

krist0ph3r said...

haha you're wrong on all three counts. i don't watch tv, don't watch hindi films (much less old ones), and my pillow has abstract overlapping rectangles on it.

blogging dreams are fun!!!

Anonymous said...

what happened to her car?

the first thing that went through my head: "fuck. it's monday morning."

for me its usually: "fuck. it's monday afternoon already!" :P

nice post btw.

Unknown said...

NICE...very nice.

This is how I pictured it:

you were hellboy...that scene from the first movie encircled my mind...
Your uncle was Professor X...and the girl was winona ryder...
i like the absurdity...and just get this feeling there'll be a time when you'd say, "Deja Vu"

Weird! but then that's what I feel.

Keep dreaming...and blogging the same.

DILLIGAF said...

Great dream old bean!!!

It's when you dream you're having a piss and you are it gets worrying...;-)

Menaka said...

hehe you're right. That is a weird dream.

The jumping building walls and apprehension over being called gay i can understand... but why on Earth were you afraid of being caught by the cops hmmm?

krist0ph3r said...

@ninja: nothing happened to her car...she just drove off!!! and remember, it was wednesday morning when i woke up from the dream!!!

@ashu: can i hire you as interpreter of my dreams? in exchange, i shall sell you the movie rights, with a 10% commission on the sales :D

@dinnerboy: haha those dreams are a lot more colourful than this one!!!

@menaka: i wasn't scared. my uncle was. i couldn't understand why he wanted to hold my hand and walk around the block, when my home was closer to me than the police was!!!

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