Friday, March 27, 2009

5 years at xaviers: the short story

In response to my friend Fiona's appeal to know all her friends' St. Xaviers College stories.

This is most definitely the sanitized version, with all the unimportant details filtered out too :D Here goes:

I took admission in Xaviers' Junior College because my cousin went there 2 years before and recommended it...and the only other colleges i knew of were KC and Wilson's. and that was because I asked my maths and science tuition teacher what to do next on the day of my SSC results. Xaviers was the first place i applied at. I didn't bother applying at KC because i was guaranteed a seat in Wilson's. I was the last person taken in on the second list in 1999. There was no third list. So i officially had the lowest marks in Xaviers Science in 1999 :)

Apprehensions: none. Family concerns: none. Basically i was clueless, and God or fate or whatever guided me into Xaviers.

In the last part of the orientation, there was a 15 minute talk by the person who ran the computer center. Since I was interested in computers, my parents enrolled me into the computer course. This was probably one of the biggest things to influence my future life.

In my 12th Std, my computer professor made such a good impression on me that he became my role model. He was working and studying at the time. He was studying in VJTI, doing his MCA. After he taught me programming, i knew this was my career.

I wanted to study engineering, or atleast computer science after my HSC. unfortunately, that was the year engineering admissions were delayed, so all the potential engineers took computer science in the meantime. I didn't get Computer Science in any of the half dozen colleges I applied at, and so stuck around in Xaviers.

I took maths, stats and physics, because I didn't like chemistry and two of my good friends were in their TYBsc Maths and Physics, and i couldn't make up my mind about whose recommendation to take. After a week of physics, i realised I couldn't possibly take it, and hence switched to Economics.

I applied for a volunteer at Malhar because a good friend of mine wanted company. He filled out his and my form with Texxx (cos they're cool) and Souvenirs (cos you might get to flick stuff). He left the 3rd space blank in mine. I wrote Comps because i had no clue about anything else. He wrote Raga. We both didn't get selected in Texxx, and Souvenirs "forgot" to call us for our interviews. I was pushed into the comps room, and from that moment there was no turning back. This was the second biggest turning point in my 5 years at Xaviers. After this, i didn't care about engineering or anything else. I made some of my best friends in Xaviers, and they're my best friends till this day, just as i'm sure I am theirs too.

I finally spent a total of 5 eventful years at Xaviers, and then went on to do my MCA from VJTI just like my teacher-cum role model.

Okay, that wasn't very short. I guess it will be a rather boring read for anyone other than myself. Rest assured, that's only because this is the sanitized version :P


Winnie the poohi said...

That is positively sweet :)

Old memories are the best :)

Freya said...

whadyamean? that was really really short, i would have written a novelette out of it if it were me :P

krist0ph3r said...

@winnie: not all that old really...just about 5 years now!!!

@freya: yesh yesh, i could and i'm sure you would too...but i prefer keeping my emails and blog short. and btw the part between the horizontal lines was the actual email :)

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