Thursday, July 05, 2007

you can quote me on this

"it's better to 'not be' than to be a 'wannabe'"

-Kris, 5th July, 2007


Imr@n said...

hmmmm... true!

The Shmoo said...

wannabes always wanna be something they aren't,
how come no one ever wants to be a wannabe?

RandomGyan said...

if someone wants to be a wannabe, by definition he automatically becomes one :)

But.. heres the confusing part.. if u wannabe something and u DO become that something... ur no longer a wannabe for that right?

So...if u wannabe a wannabe then by definition u ARE a wannabe and therefore ur no longer a wannabe....

Interesting... My logic boggles me. AND I'm sure u too :)


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