Thursday, July 19, 2007

my inability to smile in a photo

today i was searching for a good photo to put into my railway i-card (it expired about a year ago). after looking through almost 10 passport sized photos i came to the conclusion that i just can't smile for the camera. the only photos that i found of myself smiling were when i was high or...hmmm...high :P (and they weren't passport sized photos whatever). and that's really funny because i'm always smiling in real life. i can't even wipe that stupid grin off my face when i'm looking at myself in the mirror. oh wait. i *do* look funny in the mirror (mental note: must start exercising someday)

forget it. i'm gonna frown in my railway i-card. it's how i'm gonna look when the tc pulls me aside anyway :D


Meghna Bhujwala said...

Hehe..lovely post!! Everytime i smile to a photografer i look amazingly wierd!!

Anonymous said...

Hey post ...

I think you can try that "long hair" picture of yours for your ID .... It will make it interesting like you are always bald and your ID will always be hairy ;-)

Have Fun ;-)

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