Saturday, April 07, 2007

recycling friends

i have this one friend on orkut who's got 1000 friends on her friend list (which btw is the max orkut allows you to have). and she's been stuck at 1000 for quite a while now - around 8 months, atleast. i remember the time i tried adding her, orkut said that i couldn't cos she already has "too many friend requests". a few days later she added me.

anyway, the weird thing is that her friend list keeps changing (atleast, i know a few more people who were added later, which means **someone** must have been kicked out to make space). so now everytime i scrap her, i also do a quick check to see if i'm still on her friends list...after all, i might get recycled too, someday.

all this got me thinking - what's the whole thing about recycling friends in it a random personality trait, or something that only people who make friends too easily have to do, or is it something that happens to all of us? do we have like a fixed number of "best friend", "good friend" etc slots, so making a new best friend requires someone else to get slightly demoted or something? i dunno. i wonder. and i wonder if i'll ever know.

i hope i never ever have to 'recycle' any of my friends ever.


RandomGyan said...

Hmm i didnt know we were limited to just 1000 friends on Orkut..

Although, if u dig up the profile of the guy who made orkut, he is friends with some gigantic number of friends :) As in 6-7 figure number I think.

obviously.. having created orkut has its privileges D

krist0ph3r said...

hmmm...look orkut has a 6 digit scrap count, but his current friend count is 593.

in case you've lost the link, here's orkut buyukkokten's profile page

My Foot? said...

some people don't need 1000 friends to recycle the list, most of us do it cause some random users come along, pick us randomly, and add us just because they felt like adding us...
then just so that their hearts dont break, we add em, and kick em out later...
90% of the times, they don't even notice :p
("iebmxcqw" is the longest word verification I've ever typed!)

Janice D'souza said...

I have moved on to Facebook like many of us but love Orkut for its stalker privileges. Let me explain, Orkut is great to check up on someone. Old scraps, old embarassing photos, his 'about me' section. Great to know what kind of a person they were/are.

And great post :)

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