Sunday, November 24, 2013

flying in a blue dream

I closed my eyes, and a thought sprung to my mind:

I should post to Facebook: "jango internet radio picking my favourite songs and streaming them over bluetooth to the speakers at full volume, while I doze after an awesome but tiring day"

and then someone commented on the post: "just like last night"

and I replied to the comment: "but you weren't there last night, I wasn't home last night, and I hadn't installed jango last night" (i just installed it 10 minutes ago, btw)

but then I thought... she was there last night, I was there last night, and we were playing songs over bluetooth. really loud. in a pub.

and then I thought, this doesn't make sense at all. how did my thoughts end up on facebook? and why would someone imagine something as contrived as that, and tell me too?

I thought, this is definitely a dream. but as I was thinking all this, I was actually awake, using my phone.

so this isn't a dream. this isn't real either. what is it?

the obvious answer is: "this is my imagination"

but the answer I thought of was: "this is because I'm half asleep"

and that's actually the right answer. I'm so sleepy that half these sentences are being typed in my head, and the other half on my blog.

this post doesn't make any sense at all, but I just had to write it down somewhere... because it's an example of what goes through my head when I'm extremely sleepy, but am forcing myself to be awake. have you ever experienced something like this? have you ever been so confused about your dream and reality, that you started reasoning about it in your dream?

ps: post title inspired by a Joe satriani song of the same name :)

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