Tuesday, January 15, 2013

99 red kites

yesterday was makarsankranti, or as we would call it as kids, "kite flying day"

on my way home from work, near the railway station, i passed a young guy who was standing on the sidewalk and smiling broadly at passers-by on the busy street. he had a red string in his hand. the string let straight upwards, into a tree above him.

i asked him what he's holding.

"patang" (a paper kite), he replied.

i peered upwards and asked him where's the kite.

he peered upwards too.

after a moment of unsuccessfully trying to locate the kite in the foliage, he looked back at me, smiled, and wordlessly let go of the string.

the end of the string that he was holding went straight upwards, and disappeared.

as i walked on towards where i had parked my bike, he went back to smiling at the people on the road, but now empty handed.

it was a strange moment. i still have no idea what to make of it.

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