Sunday, May 20, 2012

crash and burn

i was at home, at the comp. it was late at night, the parents were asleep, but the brother and I were very much for up-and-about. The lights were on too.

bro suggested we play a game. a flight sim. i agreed. it was a race of some sort. we started the race, when i realized i didn't know the controls. in fact I didn't know if I was player 1 or player 2. tried "wasd", tried the arrow keys. neither seemed to make any difference to the trajectory of my plane.

that's when i realized we weren't playing split-screen (obviously!). so i figured the arrow keys should do it. by the time I realized I was actually already controlling the plane, the game announced I was 30 seconds behind.

okay, some description now: we were flying over some sorta urban terrain, it was dusk-coloured, but the colours were very crappy and dithered, everything was huge dotted blocks (as if it was actually text-mode graphics). everything was dark and i could barely see stuff on-screen.

next thing I knew, the screen burst into bright shades of red and yellow and orange. it looked like everything just blew up around my plane. the camera angle changed to a view from the sky, and i could then see that it wasn't a plane, but a car! and it had mysteriously blown up in the middle of the track without crashing or anything.

and then i realized it was a dream.

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