Saturday, December 11, 2010

the bird that ruined my week.

last weekend was perfect. I rested well on sunday, something that I rarely get the chance to do.

monday morning started well enough. other than the fact that I realized when I reached office that my right palm had a we bit of a brownish, sticky mark.

anyway, I forgot all about it when I entered my floor and was greeted with a box of lindts and two boxes of mithai waiting at the cupboard next to my cubicle.

it all went downhill from there.

something fucked up with my code in production (okay, not exactly *my* code, but something I was kinda responsible for). emergency fix was required. the fix was tricky. and was required asap.

I thought that was why I had lost my appetite for lunch. but then, mom's lovingly packed prawn curry had to be relished. and I did eat it, eventually.

it was a long day at work. by the time I was ready to leave (because my brain had stopped functioning, not because my work was complete), I was feeling weak and extremely nauseous.

I somehow wobbled my bike home (yesh, I was actually feeling unsteady, but it didn't occur to my aforementioned dysfunctional brain that I could leave my bike and take the home drop, which I was officially entitled to), and was off to sleep before the lights were out.

woke up the next day with a terrible stomach upset. worked from home, all the way till 2 am. woke up feeling better, but things deteriorated after breakfast, and it was clear I hadn't recovered fully. another day of working from home.

in the evening, when I took the bike for a spin in the colony, i realized what happened on monday morning:

there was bird crap on my (normally spotless) bike seat.

I checked upward from my usual parking spot. and sure enough, I was 40 feet below a freshly built bird nest.

checked my handle carefully.

there was some brown stuff embedded in the grips.

on closer inspection, it was bird crap.

that's when I remembered the evil twist of fate: I didn't wash my hands before helping myself to the lindts. or the laddoos. or the barfi.

to continue the story, I felt better on thursday, and went to work. but there was so much piled up that I was in office till 2 am.

had a relapse of the upset stomach on friday, despite all precautions. worked from home again.

right now, it's early saturday morning, and I'm still sick.

yesh, that's what fate and a bird just did to me.


Karishma Sundaram said...

I'm going to print this out and show my mom. At least she will stop chewing my brains about being obsessive with the cleanliness of my hands.

Pallav said...

Strengthen your immune system dude, little bird shit should not cause so much problem.


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