Thursday, September 02, 2010

my big daddy

while lying in bed after a long, tiring, and rather dry and sunny day, i heard the patter of raindrops, and a thought sprung to mind. and subsequently to twitter:

"and it's raining again! how awesome! love you god! *muaaah*"

and then a memory was refreshed. me as a kid. sitting in my dad's lap. me being everything a 3 year old kid could be expected to be, and my dad playing along affectionately, distracting me and then drawing my attention, making me giggle with laughter, and then cry with exasperation.

i closed my eyes and reached outward with my mind.

i still feel like that child.

and i know that even when i feel too old to be my dad's child, i can still be as childlike as I want to, in the lap of god.

my big daddy.

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Karishma Sundaram said...

Beautiful sentiment. But I figure, we are always children for our parents. And after a point, they also become childlike themselves. It's all a part of love.

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