Monday, July 19, 2010

the ghost

i've had strange dreams recently. i dreamed about my ex, a couple of hours before she called to say she was back in india after 3 years (and in fact, living 3 blocks away).

don't ask me what happened in that dream though ;)

anyway, a couple of days before that, i had a dream that actually changed the way i think about spirits.

i dreamed of my friend jeetu, who expired a couple of years ago (down to the month in fact! don't remember the date).

in the dream, jeetu, another friend jayasree (not sure how she landed there...she doesn't know any of the people in the dream other than me!) and me were walking together.

we were walking in a deserted old stone building (the stones were light grey, i remember), with wide corridors and lots of space, but no other people in sight. probably like a college when everyone is on vacation. it was late afternoon, judging by the shadows.

me and jeetu with our arms around each other's shoulders, the way we used to.

talking, joking, laughing.

till another friend, deepesh saw us.

he was scared.

he shook his head to say "get out of there", but not making a sound, so that jeetu didn't see him.

and then ran into a church.

that's when i realized i was walking with a ghost.

and i was suddenly afraid.

jayasree and me ran into the church too, and jeetu just stood outside, not protesting at all, as if he expected it.

and then i woke up.

and thought to myself, if jeetu's spirit visited me, i would sit with him and talk to him and not run away.

the ghost of a dear friend is still a dear friend.

miss you, jeetu.


Pallav said...

That was spooky. i felt spooked.


Scribbles! said...

I liked it in fact...felt sweet..and the line u said "the ghost of a dear friend is still a dear friend."

Happy Friends' day... :)


krist0ph3r said...

thanks, and thanks!

friendship day is now over...but yeah..happy friendship day to you too!

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