Sunday, March 28, 2010

a day in a train

I've never been too much of a long distance traveller. the longest journey I've ever embarked on took me 25 hours thanks to a 5 hour breakdown (it was a bus journey from bangalore to bombay, btw).

this one on the other hand is scheduled to take 29 hours. bombay to chennai.

I'm currently 23 hours and 4 states into the journey, and it's been okayish with a strong hint of boring. probably because of the company though.

the 25 hour bus journey was wit marj after all, and I do have a record breaking 7 hour phone conversation to set some sort of perspective to how well we get along.

unfortunately for me this time, my friend can sleep almost unlimited hours...and apparently so can the remaining 4 people we share our berths with. I was pretty surprised when I woke up at 7:30am to find everyone in my berth asleep, and everyone in the other berths with their curtains drawn, presumably also asleep. trudged to the loo expecting a long line and a 45 minute wait. but I didn't see a line, and the loo was spic and span, and there was no one waiting impatiently even after I took all of 15 minutes to do my business. in fact, the people who had preordered breakfast were woken up by the trays shoved onto their snoring faces (to be fair though he did perfunctorily try to wake them up).

I on the other hand had already brushed and was already feeling the pangs of post crap stomach emptiness. so far so good. but my friend fell asleep right after breakfast, and so did everyone else. some people just skipped breakfast and woke up straight for lunch. which was at noon btw. I slept quite well myself, probably more due to the fact that it was Sunday morning than anything else. everyone woke up for lunch and slept promptly after. I was bored out of my wits by the monotonies of reading, listening to music, and sleeping. i had just finished my book, and my friend was hungry, because we didn't quite comprehend the menu as it was being recited to us, and ordered just half a lunch. so we went to the pantry, two coaches away. which incidentally is the furthest I've walked in the last 24 hours. the train had stopped at a platform when we were done eating so we walked back on the platform. my only 120 seconds outside of the train today.

the train started as we reached our coach so we were forced back in. so I took out my diary, and after over 2 years of carrying it around on vacations, wrote a whole page in it.

unfortunately diaries are limited to a page a day, so I was back to reading. by 6pm I was bored enough to let myself the luxury of an hour of surfing on roaming charges with no charging point in sight. I was that bored. back to reading, this time arundhati roy's "god of small things", which I read till dinner at 8 and then lights out at 10.

I can't wait for the train to reach chennai. still 6 hours to go. and that's if it actually reaches in time, which trains rarely do.

and I'm still one hour short of a whole day in this train.

ps: first post typed on my new phone. woo hoo!

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WeirdISgooD said...

Atleast u have a book to read and u'r pod's not dead. U nao pliz come meet Tuffy !

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