Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Through the clouds

There's nothing like hurtling through the sky at a few hundred miles an hour, with the evening sun streaming through wispy clouds, the sea waves below looking like tiny ripples, but stretching to infinity, just like the carpet of clouds around us.

As my friend said...we might just catch a glimpse of god racing past us on his private cloud :)

Ps: this is my second flight ever. On the first one, i remember circling mumbai as one of the most breathtaking sights. This one had a beautiful pre-sunset, clouds, rain, AND turbulence!!!


DILLIGAF said...

Flying is great - the crashing leaves a lot to be desired I'm told...

Did you know that under your feet are dangerous goods? 90% go on passenger flights. I know 'cause I used to check they were safe to fly. Flammable Liquid, Spontaneously Combustable, Radioactive..... have a terrific way of writing by the way. Love the way you described it all.

WeirdISgooD said...

Krisu, you see something good in EVERYTHING. Did i tell u i love you. Well, I love you. For today ohkie ;)

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