Saturday, August 22, 2009

how to embarrass yourself at work: part n

this one's been waiting for a while, so apologies if you've heard it from me in person:

rewind to a certain thursday in july.

we were going out for a team lunch. a teammate was gonna accompany me on my bike to the restaurant, while everyone else takes a rickshaw.

and i couldn't raise my leg enough to swing it over the bike seat. lost my balance and almost fell, to fits of laughter from the rest of my team.

that was the prelude. the best moment would happen a few hours later.

in the office restroom. me almost done with my post-hearty-lunch-crap.

stood up to pull my pants back on.

the door opens.

turns out i forgot to lock it.

thankfully, i was standing, so the door hit my elbow and couldn't open further. i heard a startled grunt from whoever was on the other side, and probably said "horh" myself.

i waited for the guy to enter another stall and hear the sound of him locking it before i dared step out.

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Deeseelicious said...

Post Lunch Hearty Crap !!!!

Now thats a line that you don't hear too often !

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