Sunday, July 19, 2009

not forgotten...just ignored

i signed into my pc at home after a little over 2 weeks today. and i noticed my last post was on july 3rd.

in case you've been wondering, i've not abandoned this blog. i need to do a bit of research before i can start posting my series of ~14 posts on my recent ladakh trip (which ended yesterday, btw). knowing me, there's two ways this could possibly pan out:

1. i do my research, and start posting. that could probably mean an extended break rfom posting, considering how lazy i am :D

2. i post my regular stuff, and then randomly insert the trip posts. this is probably more manageable...but the ladakh story might lose it's continuity.

either way, there's some interesting stuff coming up, though it'll probably take it's time. keep reading!!!

1 comment:

Thresia said...

EEEEeeeee. Pictures. PICTURES. You'd just better.


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